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I believe in matching the person to the book. I am always looking for the book that will part me from my sleep, distract me from my work, and allow me to stubbornly ignore my chores, so when I am giving a recommendation I make the assumption that you are looking for that too! Finding THAT book is a special thrill and I love having a small part to play by making the introductions.


Weekly visits to the library, surrounded by books and a Shakespeare quoting Father, fostered a passion for books and reading. Books, for me, awaken the imagination, allow access to other worlds and characters. Books are a salve, a joy, a blanket.


September 27th at 3.30pm 2006 .
We provide a professional, bespoke service that takes account of customer’s needs, interests and taste. A wide ranging and eclectic selection of books on offer with a personal service. We have the time and the recommendations.